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Highlights of our 2009 Meetings

What Happened at Our November 10th Meeting

At 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10th, we met at O'Connor Hospital's Sister Rosalie Rendu Conference Room. Thirty-seven people were in attendance at the meeting, including three who attended for the first time, one of whom  came in preparation for Ileostomy Surgery next week.

Photo of Ed Primeau & Robyn Home Ed Primeau & Robyn Home from Coloplast (see photo) were with us for the meeting.  They updated us on the latest new products available from Coloplast, and answered questions raised by the attendees.  Robyn made the main presentation.  She is a recent import from Australia (arriving 2 1/2 months ago) where she has worked in the same capacity since 1978.  The presentation was very well done.

We also held an open forum where attendees brought concerns to the group to be addressed by more experienced ostomates.

What Happened at our October 13th Meeting


It was a dark and rainy night with the first winter storm blowing across our region, but we had a surprising good turnout, giving the conditions outside. For this meeting we planned to have a show and tell period, when people could show and demonstrate resources that have helped us to live better lives.

Two of those in attendance were here for the first time, one having had a colostomy and one having had an ileostomy.  One other had been here for the first time, last month, and several days after that meeting he had a colostomy, and was with us again. We spent a good amount of our time responding to those new ostomates question's, and never got to the show and tell.

What Happened at our September 9th Meeting


On Tuesday, September 9th, we met in the DePaul Conference Room at O'Connor Hospital.  Our President, Peggy, was back with us and presided over the meeting.  Nearly thirty people were in attendance including ten persons who were here for the first time.  We divided the group into three groups, based upon the type of surgery (Ileostomy, Colostomy, or Urostomy).  In each group we responded to questions others had, particularly the questions brought by the first time visitors.

What happened at our August 11th Meeting


We met again at 7:00 on Tuesday, August 11th.  Our President, Peggy, was unable to be with us, so Vice President Henry.  We had 29 people with us, and among them was three new ostomate, one of whom came with three family members who are part of her support network.  The meeting was one of our sharing type meetings, with no formal program.  This provides an opportunity for people to bring questions and concerns to the group, so that they can draw upon the accumulated wisdom and experience of the other members.  Members of the group have had ostomy surgery from one to forty eight years ago.

What happened at our June 9th Meeting

President Peggy started the meeting at 7:03pm. We immediately introduced our guest speaker, Sally Talley, RN, WOCN (she is an Enterostomal Therapist--ET). She has been an ET nurse for over 30 years at Community Hospital of Los Gatos & Good Samaritan Hospitals. She spent almost the entire hour & a half answering questions, giving suggestions, tips, etc. to make everyone's life's easier to deal with some issues regarding ostomies. It was a very interactive session, I think that everyone got something out of it. We really appreciate Sally's time as we know how busy ET nurses always are. When Sally finished, Peggy gave her a beautiful flowering plant for spending time with the group.

What happened at our May 12th Meeting

We met at 7 p.m. in the Sister Rosalie Rendu Conference Room.  With us at the meeting was Dr. Gary Silver, the retired heart surgeon who was instrumental in our being able to resume meeting at O'Connor Hospital, as we have for several decades.  His intervention on our behalf led to a review of the decision which had resulted in our having to find a new meeting place for our January meeting.  SVOSG expressed it thanks to him for his efforts on our behalf.  We also heard a brief presentation from Dr. Silver, regarding an opportunity for the public to take part in a campaign to upgrade the Mammography equipment at the hospital.

Thirty-two people attended our May meeting including three people who had recently had  colostomy surgery.  The bulk of the meeting was spent in responding to questions and concerns brought by the participants.  We heard a report from a recent attendee who had colostomy surgery two weeks ago, and is doing well and looks forward to coming to our June meeting.

What Happened at our April 14th Meeting


We met at 7 p.m. in the Depaul Conference Room at O' Connor Hospital.  Thirty-two people attended the meeting, including four people who were here for the first time.  One new attendee was Al who had colostomy surgery in January.

Shelley Goldblum from Hollister was at our meeting to share the latest developments from Hollister and to answer any questions we had about their ostomy products. Shelley has twenty-five years of experience working for the Hollister Company.  She led a very good question and answer session helping people who had special needs and problems. 

After Shelley's presentation had the chance to respond to a number of other questions that were brought to us by our attendees.

What happened at our March 10th Meeting

We met at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, at O'Connor Hospital's Sister Rosalie Rendu Conference Room.


Paul Masquelier, who designed and maintains our web site, made a short presentation on how you can use the web site as a resource for your own recovery and self care.  The rest of the meeting was devoted to responding to issues brought by visitors to the meeting.  We had three visitors who just recently had their surgery, and one person who is about to have surgery.

What Happened at our Feb. 10th Meeting

Peggy called the meeting to order at 7 pm.  We had a total of 19 people, of which 3 of them were new to our group. Two were persons who had recent surgery and one who was the spouse of a person having surgery next week.

One had been here, last time, and following the advise of our members met with a wound care nurse and as a result of the visit has made real progress towards her recovery.  One of the new visitors has been a long term urostomy patient (17 years), and we encouraged her to return each month to help support new urostomy patients.

What Happened at our Jan. 13th Meeting

Peggy called the meeting to order at 7pm.  We had a total of 20 people, of which 2 of them were new to our group.  Dolores had Ileostomy surgery in March of 2008 and her Daughter, Diane visited us.  Nazeem is having Ileostomy surgery with Dr. Varma on February 2nd.  We took time to answer questions or concerns that they had.   

We let the visitors know to reminded our regular members as well, to subscribe to "The Phoenix" magazine for the great information you can get out of their magazine.  The subscription is $25 per year.  There is a link to the right of this article that you can use to subscribe.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10th. at Good Samaritan Hospital,  Conference Room 3 Trailer, 2425 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, CA 95124. We have this trailer from 7pm-8:30pm.


Congratulations to Thelma!  This year will be Thelma's 30 year anniversary with her Ileostomy (or as the group says "stomaversary").  

What Happened at November 11 Meeting


Twenty-one people attended our November 11th meeting.  As usual, we met in the "Sister Rosalie Rendu Conference Room."  With us was Alicia, who is having Colostomy surgery within the next two weeks.  She will be having the surgery at Kaiser, Santa Clara.  She had some questions to ask and the group spent half an hour helping her to prepare for her surgery, her recovery and her future life. 

We also had a report that Samantha (see Oct. 14 meeting) had her ileostomy surgery at Stanford Medical Center and is now home and on the way to recovery.

Our special guest speaker was Sally Zumwalt who is a Licensed Dietician from Kaiser, Santa Clara.  Sally had reprinted a large number of articles related to ostomy patients and diet.  One of the articles had a very good diagram indicating which vitamins are absorbed at what stage of the digestive system.

What Happened at October 14 Meeting

Twenty-one people attended our October 14th Meeting, including Samantha who will be having ileostomy surgery next month at the Stanford Medical Center. It also included a visitor who is from Mexico and who had a colostomy operation one year ago.  Our President, Peggy was back with us after missing several meetings due to the illness and death of her mother. 

Following introductions of those in attendance we spent most of our time helping Samantha to find answers to the questions she has as she prepares for her surgery.  Your writer has the impression that she left our meeting far more re-assured and prepared for her up-coming surgery. 

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